Anti-Lightning StrikeCircuit protection for lighting.
Over Travel Protection Limited running time to avoid the collision.
Limit ProtectionOpen ? close limited by limit switch.
Soft Start Avoid dash to damage the motor.( Selectable)
Over Current ProtectionAuto Reverse or stop to protect the motor.
Warning ProtectionExt-flash lamp show the state.
Sensor ProtectionEXT photo beam sensor and road detector.
High SecurityExt-receiver with DIP switch.Reliable?Stable.
Auto Close Auto close in 0,20, 40, 60sec (Selectable)
Failure PredicationLED indicate the motor and limite switch whether in normal state.
MDS G-168Smart Sliding Gate Control Board
 Microcomputer Control System. Reliable?Convenient.
Input voltage:? AC 110V ? AC 230V
Rated Current: Max.10A
Remote Distance: (in open air) > 50m